Payments Association of South Africa

PASA Council

PASA’s Council, or board, is the governing body of PASA and is composed of Councillors drawn from PASA’s Members. Although appointed by Members, Councillors have a fiduciary responsibility (i.e. they act independently and objectively, in the best interest of the NPS and with a holistic and inclusive mind-set). PASA Council therefore bears the responsibility of ensuring an efficient, reliable and stable payments environment to serve the South African economy and people as a whole.

PASA Council is comprised of an Independent Chairperson who holds a casting vote, as well as nine Councillors appointed by:

  • Any Member with a throughput representing more than 10 % of the total, value and volume cleared through the interbank systems during the previous year. In practice, this currently adds up to four voting Members;
  • Three  Members elected by the rest of the members (commonly referred to as the “lower volume and value banks”) as voting Members;
  • The Chief Executive Officer of PASA as a voting Member; and
  • The SARB as a non-voting Member

Councillors and the Deputy Chairperson are appointed on a biannual basis from amongst PASA Members 

In summary, PASA Council is:

  • The Governing  body  of PASA;
  • Appointed  by  Members
  • But  not to represent  Members

PASA Council has power and authority to, inter alia:

  • Govern PASA
  • Amend the  Constitution
  • Direct  PASA  to withdraw or to reinstate a Member’s status of  good standing
  • Dissolve PASA  (subject to the  approval  of the Reserve Bank)
  • Constitute, establish, maintain  or  dissolve  any  PASA Structure

At present PASA Council is constituted of the following Councillors –



In line with the King lV requirements PASA Council has a number of supporting committees (refer to diagram)