Payments Association of South Africa

Intro to Payment Systems

The foundational set of principles set out in The Bluebook of the SARB is the basis on which South Africa built the NPS we enjoy today. South Africa boasts a variety of payment options. Customers have a choice between debit and credit payments.

  • A “credit push” (credit payment) type transaction involves the payer giving an instruction to pay directly to his own bank, which then forwards the payment instruction and the funds on to the receiving bank for payment into the receiving party’s account.
  • In contrast, a “debit pull” (debit payment) type of transaction results from the paying party giving a mandate to the beneficiary or receiving party, who in turn submits the payment instruction to his own bank for submission of the payment instruction on to the original payer’s bank, which then sends the funds requested back to the requesting bank. The payment instruction therefore moves in the opposite direction to the resulting flow of funds.