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Debit Orders

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Most consumers agree that debit orders are a convenient way to make payments.  But, the debit order system has had a number of challenges over the last couple of years and PASA, with the payments industry, has been working hard to make the system more efficient.  Currently, we are busy exploring improved ways to protect you from unauthorized debit orders as well as to help you better understand your rights and obligations regarding debit orders.

EFT Debits

  • What is a debit order?

  • What is the difference between a debit order and a stop order?

  • What is the difference between a debit order and an early debit order (EDO)?

  • Can I dispute an unauthorised debit to my account?

  • What are the rules relating to Debit Orders mandated by Voice Recording?

  • How do I dispute a debit order transaction?

  • Under what circumstances may I dispute a debit against my account?

  • Is there a fixed timeline in which to dispute a debit order transaction?

  • Can I cancel a Debit Order in its entirety?

  • What is my responsibility with respect to debit order mandates granted?

  • There is a debit against my account, but I do not recognise the source. How can I determine the originator or beneficiary?

  • What is an “unpaid” debit order?

  • How can I prevent paying penalty fees for a rejected or unpaid Debit Order on my account?

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To learn more about industry initiatives to curb Debit Order Abuse, you can access the monthly Debit Order Abuse Project bulletins in the links below.